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a picture of two peacock characters and a geometric colorful form with the title "Women in Business and Creativity: Celebrating Women's History Month"

Women in Fashion and Creativity: Celebrating Women’s History Month 

Fashion and Creativity — As a performer since an early age, I initially believed that exploring sexuality was the only way to succeed as a female performer. However, after traveling and gaining new experiences, I realized that I have much more to offer than just traditional femininity. I now embrace all aspects of my wild, creative, and genderless being, while still loving my femininity. This is why I create abstract characters — to showcase the full range of my identity and to challenge societal norms.

Kikimora is a female spirit in Eastern European folklore known for her ability to shape-shift. Interestingly, my mischievous behavior as a child earned me the nickname Kikimora from my mother.

This is one important aspect in the creation of many artists, the incorporation of a particular view as an individual, in some cases female or male.

Today we would like to remember and honor all activists and workers who make possible all the rights women have in the workplace. For example, since the horrible Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911 in which many female workers died, there has been much improvement of working conditions across all industries in the US. Through self-awareness and activism, the role of a woman in complete control of her potential is accepted and respected today the norm.

“While still loving my femininity. This is why I create abstract characters — to showcase the full range of my identity and to challenge societal norms.” – Olga Saretsky, Founder of Kikimora Studio

To think about “March as Women’s Month Celebration” is also to rethink the freedom of view of your own gender as wide as it can be. We don’t have to comply with society’s expectations of what is considered “female”; we can be ourselves as women being genderless when we incorporate elements in creation that are neutral, like geometric shapes, creatures that can be female or male, or just concepts.

The personal freedom of having all the benefits of the business world as a creator, access to legal and financial resources without the approval or concern of male authority, is a great advantage compared to many societies where that is not possible.

Even though we are aware of the need to develop more conditions that support being a woman in our full potential, we really want to celebrate the freedom to create as a woman in whatever shape that means for each person.

Women are a fundamental force in Kikimora Studio, from the creation process, our seamstress and performers team, we share and empower our small community. We are so grateful for each woman who dedicated their time and skills to build us as a strong business. Through the years, not only have we developed our production volume of custom catsuits, we are also making possible the simultaneous performance of more than one show thanks to the collaboration of our amazing team.

We want to celebrate with all the wonderful women that as creators, business owners, or developing careers in many other areas, we deserve to continue to develop in all levels of life.

Finally, if you or your organization has any celebration this special March Women’s Month, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to make that special occasion fun and memorable.”

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