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About Us

Kikimora Studio offers one-of-a-kind, fantastically imagined, elegant and upscale costumed performances often referred to as High Fashion Circus.

Professional Event Performers

These immensely inventive acts will ensure that your event stands apart from any other. Watch as Kikimora’s highly skilled and uniquely qualified performers transform their costumes into living creations to breathe life into your event.

We specialize in event entertainment, producing stunning spotlight performances when something uniquely spectacular is requested. We’re also especially effective with walkabouts, meet-and-greets and crowd interactions. Our beautifully bizarre creations are sure to draw attention and generate excitement at your event. Kikimora pushes to impress with imaginative, daring and amazingly original performances and costumes.

An Endless Variety of Acts to Choose From

New costumes, characters, and props are continually being imagined and added to the ensemble. You may choose from hundreds of creations, as well as numerous variations thereof, booking anywhere from just one performer to 20 or more. We also offer a vast array of genres such as aerialists, stilt walkers, jugglers, fire performers, poi, hoop, water performers, living interactive statues, acrobatic performers and dancers. All of which are available for main event acts, full stage acts, floor-based acts, spotlight performances, meet and greets, crowd based interactive acts, as well as staged and spontaneous photo opportunities.

Customized to Your Event or Your Organization

We can offer various incarnations of our characters to fit your specific theme, or you can commission individually unique costumes to be designed and created exclusively for your event. You can simply supply us with a few key words describing your event and we will offer you a complete package of ideas, possibilities and visuals. We can also offer recommendations on how to incorporate your company’s logo, colors or concept into our shows and character costumes. In addition, we also offer a full spectrum of event décor, sets and props.

Let Kikimora Studio’s professional, spectacular, and unique entertainment help to make your next event extraordinary and unforgettable.


Olga Saretsky is a creative director, designer and choreographer who began her professional journey in Kazakstan where she successfully directed several dance projects. Arriving to US in 2006, she immediately started working with local dance companies and theater productions, teaching dance and learning new skills that allowed her to create the performance art company Kikimora Studio 2011.

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