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Strategies to Plan Wedding Entertainment for Multicultural Weddings

Throughout the world, people from different cultural traditions are coming into contact with each other like never before. Because of this, we have seen an increase in the number of multicultural weddings and with it multicultural wedding entertainment and multicultural wedding ceremonies.

This multicultural trend, while perhaps more popular than ever, is not entirely something new.  For centuries cultures have interacted, borrowed from each other and intermarried.  Almost every part of the cultural traditions we think of today have multicultural origins. In fact, it is hard to find one single tradition that is not shared with or influenced by those of another culture.  

With this in mind, let’s explore strategies a couple and their respective families can use to plan the wedding entertainment and wedding ceremonies when they come from different backgrounds.

Recognize Which Traditions are Important

Work with the couple’s families to understand which wedding traditions are important to them and which ones are less so. In many cases, there will be some areas such as a religious ceremony that are non-negotiable. In such cases, having two separate ceremonies or, in other instances, a blended ceremony with both traditions may be the best way to accommodate the desires of both families.

At other times, both families may be willing to adopt the traditions of a “neutral” third culture.  This is often done for the wedding entertainment at the reception and could be based on where the wedding takes place. For example, a multicultural wedding involving a couple with a Chinese and American background might have separate ceremonies for each of the two cultural and religious traditions.  However, if the reception is based in Miami, Florida they may choose to have an Hora Loca-themed party.

“…both families may be willing to adopt the traditions of a ‘neutral’ third culture.”

About the Hora Loca Tradition

As would be expected across an area as large as Latin America, there are many traditions and unique expressions of culture.  Yet the region also shares many traditions. One such tradition is that of La Hora Loca, which is Spanish for Crazy Hour. La Hora Loca involves lots of dancing and merrymaking. If you are planning your wedding reception in Miami, the international capital of Latin America, you can plan one with a “Hora Loca” theme. Just like the Chinese and American couple described above, you don’t have to be of Latin origin to throw an Hora Loca party at your wedding reception.

Kikimora Studio Event Entertainers – Wedding Entertainment Pros

Hiring professional event entertainers will do wonders to help you bring your wedding-day vision to life. At Kikimora Studio, we offer a variety of wedding entertainment options including stilt walkers, costumed dancers, fire-based entertainers, musicians and contortionists.  You can choose from a variety of existing costumes and characters that fit your specific theme, or you can commission individually unique costumes to be designed and created exclusively for your event. You can simply supply us with a few keywords describing your event and we will offer you a complete package of ideas, possibilities and visuals. We can also offer recommendations on how to incorporate your symbols, colors or concepts into our shows and character costumes. In addition, we also offer a full spectrum of event décor, sets, props and performance techniques.

Let Kikimora Studio’s professional, spectacular and unique wedding entertainment performers help to make your wedding extraordinary and unforgettable. And remember, although we are based in Miami, Florida we have traveled the world to entertain at weddings and other events and are willing to come to you wherever you are! Contact us to learn more about how we can make your day extra special.

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