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Living Art Outside the Box Biennial 4 – ROCKFORD PROJECTS

Ice -Water -River Rocks from Kikimora Studio on Vimeo.

Public hours: Friday, March 9, 2018 (7:30 — 10:30pm) & Saturday, March 10 (5pm — 10:30pm) $15 Admission includes drink coupon Private Tours with the Curator: Saturday, March 10 (2pm & 3:30pm) = $25 admission OUTSIDE THE BOX4 is the fourth biennial hosted by Elayne Mordes at her perfectly situated scenic waterfront site, Whitespace, in Palm Beach, which also houses her enviable international collection. The colorful, avant-garde exhibition is only for one weekend every 2 years.

This distinctive alternative format of the exhibit asks artists to propose a temporary work, suitable for outdoors that will respond creatively to the site. Works on view will include cast glass, and inflatables, site-specific sculpture made from recycled materials, computer programmed-light art, video projections, augmented reality art, black light imagery, sound art, performances, and installations that the viewer can interact with.

Over forty installations will interrelate with the unique landscape and outdoor environment. Artists had to propose their work for a specific part of the estate. Since the work is on view primarily at night, unique lighting elements will be integrated into the installations, resulting in pieces that literally glow in the dark. The accumulated spectacle of forms, colors, lights, and sounds will surround the building—on the wrap-around tarmac, on the rooftop, within the grass, in the bushes or trees, near the marshy beach, and even on the water itself.

Performance art “happenings” will occur throughout the night, by Christin Paige Minnotte (image 1, top right), Cecilia Suhr, Jenny Larsson, and Kikimora Studio (image 2, left). A performance schedule will be provided at the entrance, so that viewers will not miss out. This year will be the first time that works will also be on view during daylight hours, during private tours. Lisa is an Assistant Professor, and gifted speaker, with seven years’ experience giving tours at the official Art Basel Miami Beach for Art Nexus magazine.

Viewers can book private tours with the curator by RSVPing to Elayne Mordes selected Lisa Rockford as curator for the third time, due to her ability to find a variety of high quality artists that will create unconventional, large scale installations. Rockford stated that several of the submitted proposals had parallel themes. For example, several works demonstrated a response to the current political climate, whether as concern for our human impact on the environment, American race relations, or governmental actions and policies.

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