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Live Art Fusion

Would you like to see a live art show that combines stage performance, high fashion and the Ayurvedic chakras?

If so, come can visit the 17th Wearable Art Show in Dunedin, FL.  The show will feature Kikimora Studio’s new wearable art collection for 2023 which is based on designer Olga Saretsky’s interpretation of feelings for each color of the chakra spectrum. 

Each of the new creations highlights a color associated with a specific chakra: purple, blue, light blue, green, yellow, orange and red. The bold use of color in each piece is designed to capture the attention of the viewer and accentuate the presence of the wearer.

Kikimora Studio and Olga Saretsky

Kikimora Studio offers event entertainers specializing in elegant styles of fantastically-imagined, costumed performances referred to as High Fashion Circus.  Olga Saretsky both designs striking costumes and choreographs the movements of the performers who wear them.  Her inspiration for many of her designs comes from the mythical stories of her native Kazakhstan as well as from Eastern Slavik folk culture though recent collections have shown influences from a number of different world cultures and motifs.

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