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Kikimora Studio’s High Fashion Circus Performers

Inspired by mystical creatures from eastern European fairy tales of powerful beautiful women living in the forests, Olga Shaptanova Saretsky has created one of a kind, fantastically imagined, elegant and upscale costumed performances often referred to as High Fashion Circus. These circus performers perform immensely inventive acts and transform their elaborate costumes into living creation. A Kikimora performance is characterized by an unmistakable style merging passionate creativity with graceful poise culminating in an explosion of unforgettable entertainment. New costumes, characters, and props are continually being imagined and added to the ensemble.

Credit Steven Escolar web1“Kikimora” was a nickname given to Olga as a small child by her mother. Kikimora was a fantastical eastern European creature that liked to knit at night and got silly joys of scaring little children. Saretsky explains,

“When I first left my country at 21, I lived 3 years in Thailand, gaining experience on the beauty of south Asian culture and dance. I then returned to my hometown until 2007 when I migrated to the US and danced in Miami. I remember the cost of my unitards and thinking that perhaps I could, with my memories of sewing, make my own. And that is how Kikimora was born.

I realized that my labor was just as experienced as the seamstresses from here and my childhood memories of the fantastical stories taught in my corner of the world became a reality in my art, introducing a blend of home, three years in Thailand, and the beauty of American culture and acceptance into my own line which has been graciously adored and accepted by clients and venues from Miami to New York.”

Most of Olga’s creatures are designed with the beautiful practice of miming in mind. Kikimora relates,
“Everything that I do has a deeper meaning and representation. I’m sure that when someone sees lit up lips on a model’s head while she dances in the dark, they may wonder from whence that idea came, but it all symbolizes parts of humanity and who we are, what we are as a culture, and with that, I exaggerate reality to create extended versions of self and meaning. Some creatures, like the lips, are comic expressions of what women go through in culture, while others, like a two-manned horse are reverse personifications of two skilled dancers working in sync to allure an audience into the beauty of movement.”

Olga acknowledges the assistance and guidance of linguist and editor, Rachel Cheshire, and business and life partner, Amir Sultan Roth’, whose music and composition captures the heart and soul of the Kikimora experience in a powerful, mesmerizing way. Together, they have found a deeper level of performance art as the creatures and dancers come alive in new ways to the music.

As described in her bio, “Kikimora creates her own surprises and experiences through the lense of an always learning and evolving creative individual.” Kikimora Studio offers a full spectrum of event décor, sets, and props, which can be custom designed to the particular event. Its professional, spectacular, and unique entertainment made for extraordinary and unforgettable events.


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